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wandering around the vithrack cave system (WM2)

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the caves you enter from inside the vithrack common house in the luminescent caves.   anyone find anything?  i started mapping them thinking there's gotta be a hidden item in there somewhere, and a few of the paths turned into endless "left-or-right-path, left-or-right-path, left-or-right-path, left-middle-right-path?" aaaaaand part of me assumed that it was just buggy and gave up on the mapping.


so anyone discover anything of merit?  all i could do was get spit out back into the stalwart mines and the beginning of the luminescent caves.

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I had a go at mapping it:

     /                      \
    /                        \
   /                          \
   |                 temple    \
   |                 smashed    \
    \                   |        \
     \      wall of     |         \
   [chisel]  roots      o          \
       \       |       / \          |
        \      |      /   \         |
         o-----o-----o     |        |
        /      |      \    |        |
       /       |       \  /         |
 startled    MINES    [torch]       |
                       /  \        /
                      /    \      /
                    arm     o-----
                  yanked    |

Only one place with treasure, and only two exists (Mines and Luminescent Caves).


PS: Where it says "torch", you actually only need to light the torch if you want to go straight ahead. You can always go left or light by hugging the walls, even if it's dark. This means that you can get both the treasure and get to the Luminescent Caves in one go without expending a torch or chisel, by going:

  • right
  • left
  • right
  • left
  • right
  • pick up treasure
  • turn around
  • right
  • right
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A note to Ineth's map: Likely due to a coding error, if you come down from the direction of the dead end where you got your temple smashed, and go across the dark crossroads into the dead end where you get your arm yanked, you will upon turning around find yourself teleported back to the former dead end. This gave me quite a bit of trouble trying to navigate the tunnels.

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