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Hi guys,


So, it is my first playthrought, playing on hard, my main is lvl5, the rest level 4/3, we have been cleaning the levels under the keep.

At some point, there is a blood well, into which we jumped .

So we found a dragon, killed it, continued for some time, mostly hoping to find a way back, only after some times (when there was no exit anywhere and my guys were exhausted after fighting with those packs of undeads) did i decide to go back to the initial room to desperatly search for an exit and figured there was a stair up right to the room we fall in, but actually this leads to more ennemies to fight (lot of them actually) and 2 of my guys are near death, the others are not much better, no camp furnitures, no spell....


So, is there a way up without fight (by the well maybe?? even if I didn't see one), or do I have to take an old save and loose hours in those tunnels, which would be very frustrating and franckly smell bad level design ? (i mean loosing hours of game.... franckly !! yeah yeah I am frustrated :p )

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Hey alalante,


There is a 'Master Stair' in Od Nua. The fifth level of Od Nua should has an access point in it, which will let you transition back to Caed Nua to rest.


Be wary of hole jumping in the future, this will not be your last opportunity.


I got your back


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So I tried but my team was way too much tired at this point, couldn't even defeat the group of creatures in front of the stair. So i took a previous save before jumping


As for jumping a good idea or not, well, my guys were full strenght with furnitures to rest, so I thought I could make it back.


Trouble I wasn't expecting is that well, after killing the dragon I initially went in the bad direction until everyone was exhausted, and the second point I wasn't expecting is that, yeah, I guessed I would have to fight back my way up, didn't think I would have to fight back throught THREE levels of the dungeon :p


But yeah, never going to go down a well anymore :)

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