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Can't reentry Durgan's Battery



I am having a bit of a issue in Durgan's battery in the white marches part II. When entering the area its covered in darkness again instead of being explored and when I reach the battery I see the ghosts from part II along with the works and have to reopen the doors but when I do reopen the doors to the battery I am unable to enter.

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Hmm I seem to be having isues trying to load the save file, even after windows compresses it says the file is too large to upload.


I will say however that I've noticed when I went to other places in the game some of them their maps were also dark with all the map notes gone while event scripted events such as the mob appearing at your stronghold angry about the 'crop taxes' and the ghosts both at your stronghold and Durgan's battery are reappearing each time I visit those areas.

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