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St. Wygelt's Club (Persecuting?)



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Hey Teucer,


Thanks for pointing this out to us. Persecuting is suppose to Drain 5 Resolve from the target and you gain +5 Deflection in return. I have written up a bug that there is no description on what Persecution does. 


However, keep in mind we do have bug where this debuff is not working correctly.


Thanks a bunch!

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On 4/17/2017 at 6:27 PM, TT1 said:

Hey guys, I´m playing right now and this bug is not fixed. Still there is no description abou "Persecuting". There is no link on 

St. Wygelt's Club description.




I know this is an old post but persecuting still doesn't have a tooltip and I'm wondering if it works correctly...

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