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Hi there,


I have already finished PoE one time some months ago.
When i finished the game, i decided to wait the both parts of white march to be available to begin the addon.

Unfortunatly i lost my saves in a computer crash.

So my question is : is it possible to begin the game at the white march story?

I took a lot of pleasure doing PoE but i do not want to restart the game from the begning.


Thank you for your answer, ans sorry for my poor english.

Have a nice day!




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Hey Jeanquille,


I'm afraid Barbedbeat is correct. The White March expansion will not start until Act 2. That being said, you can put the game in Story Time difficulty and rush through to Act 2 in about 25 to 30 minutes. Then once you start The White March, switch it back to Normal (or which ever difficulty you like).


I got your backs


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That's not such a bad idea. Put it in story time mode and breeze through it. Even better, if you have kids, pay one of 'em ten bucks to play your PC in Story Time until you get the cue for White March. Just don't be dispirited if he ends up refusing to let you take over the game.


Really, you get the cue for the White March fairly early if I recall, and you don't have to be a completenik either. Just do critical path quests and you're there lickity split.


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