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First Playthrough on Pillars of Eternity

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I purchased the game a little over a month ago and have been playing a little every day since. I am in Act 3 and was wondering, if I bought White March 1 and 2 would it affect the original story, or does it just add more content at the end.  I am loving this game and can see myself playing through multiple times.


Thank you



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White March isn't a follow-up to the main quest, it's a side adventure. It must be played during the original campaign - specifically, before the point of no return in the main quest. If you finish your current playthrough, the only way to play it will be reloading an earlier save.

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The White March content takes place during the game and you can come and go as you please if you do install it- it's essentially just like they added more areas to the world map. It doesn't affect the story of the main game exactly, but it does include new party members who have their own quests, lines at the end of the main game, and ending slides.

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