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[WM2] wall of draining semi-permanently boosts spell durations



This might be a pretty weird edge case.


In my setup, I have Eldritch Aim as one of my Spell Mastery selections.


1. Start combat.

2. Cast Eldritch Aim.

3. Cast Wall of Draining on enemies with buffs on them.


After step #3, the duration of Eldritch Aim will increase as appropriate.


Notably, however, after combat ends, if I examine the tooltip for my Spell Mastery Eldritch Aim, the duration is *much* longer than expected. Interestingly, the non-spell-mastery version of Eldritch Aim is unaffected, still at the base 15 second duration.


See attached screenshot: I was able to get Eldritch Aim up to 40s of duration for one cast thanks to this Wall of Draining interaction. post-58316-0-81164500-1455689579_thumb.jpg


This is not just a tooltip error. I in fact first noticed this because after starting a fight in which my character used this Eldritch Aim and then got hit by a debuff, I hovered over my character's status effects to find out what it was, and indeed saw a 40+ second duration Eldritch Aim buff on him.


Unfortunately, I don't think a saved game is going to be too helpful, because this issue does not appear past reloads: the current work around is to save and then immediately reload. This will reset the duration of my Spell Mastery'ed Eldritch Aim back to normal.


I don't know if it's specific to Spell Master, Eldritch Aim, or some combination thereof, or if any spell is affected and it's just because I was using Eldritch Aim heavily.


Even though a saved game my not be useful, here's a dropbox link to output log/saved game/screenshot anyway, just for completionist's sake: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h1bspjuiqr21cus/AAACeQlHYJxmQIuuMNvrUiuxa?dl=0

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