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So... how to Update GoG version (from 2.01?)

Aotrs Commander


Okay, I give chaps and chappesses: how the merry heck do I update PoE/install WM2 on GoG?


I've downloaded all the patches/updates, but it keeps saying "your version is not supported, download a new installer."


Slipping into the game, I appear to be on 2.01 (last time I payed was when White March 1 was out). There's a 2.03 to 3.0 patch on GoG... But no 2.01 to 2.02/2.03 etc update. Is there some kind of hidden prior patch update thing on GoG or what...? I vaguely recall talk of such being mentioned, but I have no idea where such things are located and my cursory search of the obvious options came up lacking.


Do I really have to re-install the entire base game because apparently there's no 2.01 => later patches available anymore?


(Quite why GoG's patch installer requires everything to be sequentially installed I am somewhat baffled. Now, I can maybe see leaving the opportunity to remain at earlier patches or something (a goal that would be rendered utterly moot if I have to install PoE fresh as 3.0...), but why that also entails making the most recent patch not include the previous patches like... Well, pretty much every game I've had to patch in the last ten years. Especially if the upshot is that if you don't happen to download the patches the moment they come out, you end up having to reinstall the entire game... (I'm sure there's a terrible good reason, I'm just baffled as to what it might be...)


(Yes, I am rather now regretting my choice to go GoG not Steam at this point, thanks for asking; in my defence, I'd never had a game with active updates on GoG before; had I known how much of a pain it would be...)


I must be missing something blindingly obvious, surely?

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Hey Aotrs Commander,


I apologize for the inconvenience. In the past, GOG updates got quite messy and complicated that they changed the way patching was done and got rid of any patches or installs prior to 2.03. So unfortunately you will have to uninstall your game and download the 3.0 installer of the game. Maybe someone from the community can supply you a link for a 2.01 - 2.03 patch.


Sorry for the trouble! 

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