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[v3.00.957 PX1-Steam] Intended?: Devotions for the Faithful affects spell accuracy



The description for devotions for the faithful says if affects ranged and melee accuracy, which I assumed meant it didn't affect spells, but it actually does. Don't know if this is a bug or intended. If intended it would be clearer if description was just changed to +20 accuracy.


One fun side effect of this is that it actually buffs its own accuracy if the AoE covers both the caster and the enemies, since the friendly effect happens first.


Edit: Also the accuracy when you mouse over the spell doesn't calculate that it gets the level bonus to accuracy, but it does on casting (so combined with the accuracy buff from the spells itself a displayed accuracy of 49 becomes 49+11+20=80 at level 11).


Can be seen in these screenshots.






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That I know of, spells' Accuracy counts as ranged or melee depending on whether the spell originates from the caster. They follow the same logic for determining whether Vulnerable Attack or Penetrating Shot apply.


The description in Devotions For The Faithful is deliberate, as it stacks with any spells or abilities that grant "+X Accuracy" without specifying the kind. If you changed it to "+20 Accuracy", people would assume it didn't stack with other effects or abilities.

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