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[v3.00.957 PX1-Steam] Whisper of Treason Glitches?



I'm generally liking the latest cipher rebalance however I've noticed some odd behaviours with Whispers of Treason.


At the start of the game in the fight before the storm struck the camp my cipher charmed one of the enemy just before the other remaining enemy went down. Despite showing as charmed the enemy continued to chase and attack Heodan.


In general if the last enemy standing is charmed the results are unpredictable, sometime the charm ends immediately, sometimes it times out normally, sometimes it runs the normal duration but the enemy attacks you anyway.


I've just arrived at Anslogs Compass and in the scripted fight with the xaurips I charmed one of them but this resulted in Egdrang turning hostile:


What I am guessing happened is that the xaurip was in mid swing when I charmed it, it killed Tily (as my ally) so Egdrang turned hostile. The other xaurip then went down and the charmed one reverted to hostile.

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Hey HawkSoft,


Thanks for pointing this out. I was able to reproduce it on the first try. Guess things get a little tricky when NPCs are in the mix. I have written up a bug and added it to our database. As for the charm timer, we are aware of the issue and have the bug in.


Thanks for the assistance! 

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