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[v3.000.957 PX1-Steam] Druid stuck with green highlighting after combat



I've noticed this with Hiravias, since the new patch landed. Not sure the exact trigger, it might be related to some buff spell or spirit shift or starting combat in stealth. He ends combat and then is stuck with a green tint. It will go away with a reload or area transition, or swapping out his armor. Only happens with him in particular.


Haven't figured out a reliable way to reproduce it yet. (Every software engineer's favorite words in a bug report ;) ). If I can narrow it down I'll report back.

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Here's a theory: while in combat, spirit shifted, drag a selection rectangle around your druid and/or whole party. That may be the UI effect. Finish combat before spirit shift ends. Result is a green Hiravias. If I don't drag a selection rectangle, then it doesn't seem to happen.


I wasn't able to reproduce this with my higher level PC druid, though, at least in a quick test.

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