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[v3.00.929 PX1-Steam] Persistent Raw Damage Condition



I'm not sure how it happened but my protagonist has acquired a raw damage condition:


I think it happened as a result of a barrage of unfriendly druid spells in a cave which I mat have left before allowing all the hostile effects to wear off but I am not certain (sorry).

There seem to have been a few instances of this happening in the past.

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Hi Aarik,


I've only had it happen to me once but I know when I tried a web search for a fix there seem to have been several people who have experienced it, usually as a result of fighting druids (Plague of Insects?). The trigger seems to be causing a save (in my case by leaving a cave) whilst a raw damage condition is still active after a fight.


There seem to be work-arounds for removing the condition from companions but the only reported *fix* I found for the protagonist was to get them deliberately KO'd in a fight.

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