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Will party be overleveled if I start expansion(s) midgame?

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Topic. I backed the game oh so long ago, but only put in a handful of hours on release. I wasn't happy with how much experience quests were giving (and the fact that you could hit the cap far before the end game) and decided to wait until the expansions were released hoping this was fixed. Now the last expansion is coming out, and I'm itching to finally complete the game. However, I'm now a little concerned that starting the expansions mid game will trivialize the main storyline. Does anyone know if the enemies scale with level or have been rebalanced to account for the expansions? Thanks!

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there's optional scaling when you start each section -- the expansions, Act III, and Act IV -- if you're too high when you hit them.


I still wish the scaling just happened automatically because sometimes it's a little wonky, like if you go to Act III then immediately start the expansions, but if necessary there are console commands to re-scale and it doesn't count as a cheat.

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