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[v3.00.838 PX1-Steam] Stronghold Attacks should start Paused



Please, when you manually resolve a Stronghold attack can it started paused?


These would also be more fun if you had the opportunity to stalk the attackers around Caed Nua and set up an ambush. This could dependi on the time remaining on the attack counter.

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Hey HawkSoft,


Technically you can start the combat paused if you have Combat Start enabled in the auto-pause options. Which you probably are already aware of, you just can't roam around like you would want you. The timer is set in place so it allows the player to make it back in time to manually resolve the battle. I will make a suggestion to the dev team and see what they say about it. 


Thanks HS!

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Hi Aarrik,


I have pause set on Enemy Spotted but not Combat Start as normally I initiate combat from stealth and having both set is generally superfluous.


What I find odd is that is going from the Stronghold event log straight into a real time combat with effectively no warning for the party.

I'd prefer not to have to fiddle with the pause options just to resolve an attack.


I know that some people regard these fights as a chore and I was hoping that if they played out a bit more like the fight at Stalwart (EG attempting to sack a random upgrade or two) they might be better received. You might even overlay an icon of some scaling ladders or tunnel entrance on the map to indicate how they got in.

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