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1. Any time you talk to an ogre, you can make a deal and then kill them. Then reap the rewards for not killing them.

2. Deprive the Unworthy has no save. Not even Thaos is immune to an instant cast, 15m range dispel that lasts 30 seconds

3. You CAN stack Scroll of Accuracy and Devotions of the Faithful (total +35 accuracy even on spells)

4. You CANNOT stack Circle of Protection and Scroll of Defense

5. Put "use" items on characters like Rogues or Fighters for high Accuracy

6. Thanks to the new AI seeking out weak opponents you can use this to your advantage. Dragon/Fampyrs targeting casters/Tank about to die? Not if you throw down some widowlings next to them.

7. Almost everyone in Stalwart is a crook except dwarves. Dwarves are always good. If you want good endings trust dwarves and ogres not your own kind.

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