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Pillars of Eternity Crashes A) Start of new game, before prologue speech B) Ability select in Combat



Hi Folks,


First time playing and installing this game on sale from STEAM during the Christmas-Winter Sale.


Right to the point...

I can't play this game for more than 5-10mins without continuous crashes.


0. The game crashes with an "Oops" message when I either A) Start a New-Game, just before the prologue speech B) after successful char creation and initial-dialog at the starter encampment as soon as I gain control to move my char. C) during combat with the first wolf or bandits in the prologue, as soon as I select an ability from ANY individual character [my main] or the warrior girl I start with as my partner.

Typically, before the game crashes in instances B) and C) the mouse-cursor hand ALWAYS disappears, but I can pan my camera around seconds before the game finally minimizes with an Oops Error-Crash window.

I will create a video on youtube with a link. screenshots won't do this justice.



[skip to 2:30mins to see the mouse-cursor disappear and the game crashes 10secs at the start of attack.]

1. Please see attachments for SAVEGAME [zipped], OUTPUT_LOG.txt, SYSTEM SPECS.






81677c95-94f2-422e-8a48-75471ebcafd2 quicksave.zip

PS: So far, this game only remains stable within the character-creation screen, if I let my PC idle. That's it. -_-


[EDIT: Added YouTube Video of the "Combat-Enemy Select/Attack Crash."]

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- Fixed - 

I re-installed the game from steam-library, and the very first-thing i notice is my mouse-cursor has DIFFERENT animations on people and a sword-icon on hostiles [e.g. the young-wolf] in the prologue!

The game no-longer crashes and I see tons of animations from abilities. 

Wow, I had no-idea -- Wish someone had watched my youtube vid or checked those files -_-

Thanks anyway. I suppose IT don't work weekends for obsidian like I do in NYC.

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- It's not fixed - 

Loaded a save file later today, and again, my MOUSE-CURSOR is not appearing onscreen when highlighting people and selectable loot.

Game freezes on ability casts and does not show any animations, utimately crashing! >_< >_< >_<  ;(  ;(  ;(  ;(  :banghead: 

Well, I'll give this 2-3 days... Hopefully a DEV will look at my log file in my first post.

I will probably refund this game on steam after a week since i can't play. How frustrating.

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Hi Aarik D, your solution worked.  :bow:


I never played this game for more than 15mins, and I'm glad I can finally enjoy it now!  :geek:  :dancing:  :w00t:


it was indeed my EVGA utility which I primarily use to throttle fan-speed control. I'm sad this is source of my issues. [i will see if I can find an update that may work for this... I wonder if some of my other older games are struggled because of this... Damn, I never knew!)

This game REALLY reminds me of Baldur's gate. I played that game to death and ultimately purchased the expansion: Tales of the Sword coast, then its Sequel Shadows of Amn following through with it's expansion Child Of Bhaal.[i think...]


15 years later when I was a teen, this game still feels fresh!


Awesome JOB guys!

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