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So a Rauatai princeling and his four bodyguards were exiled from their paradise island, and ended up in plague-ridden Dyrwood...


Captain Haka'aniemi (Goldpact Knight) and his four bodyguards (fighters) teamed up with a compatriot, one Gunnery Sergeant Kana, and set up a band of mercenaries righting wrongs and wronging rights for money, and doing it with military discipline and precision. 


This party has the following objectives:

  • Low-micro.
  • Tactically dynamic: based on mobility and weapon-switching. Any member can perform any role in the party.
  • Explore crafting and consumables. Since there are no casters (unless you count Kana), I'll have to make up for that with scrolls and potions.
  • Explore Soldier weapons as thoroughly as possible.

The plan:

  • Everybody gets trained and equipped the same way: Soldier WF, with appropriate talents to build on it. The officers get class-specific support talents of course.
  • Weapon slots are: greatswords or warhammer + shield / pike / arbalest or arquebus.
  • Capt Haka'aniemi takes Zealous Charge for great mobility as soon as he can. He's otherwise focused as pure support/tank.
  • GySgt Rua takes chants which enhance mobility or gunnery.
  • Combat is based on an opening volley on a high-value target, followed by any of a number of tactics, such as run-and-gun, hold the line and gun, phalanx (front line swords, second line pikes), and so on.

Self-imposed limitations:

  • Standard-issue visible gear for the men. Everybody wears the same armour, helmet, and shield (if used), cloak (if used), and has the same type of weapons in the weapon slots.
  • Special equipment is allowed if it is visually identical to standard-issue gear. For example, a magic chain helm that looks just like a standard-issue one.
  • Officers are not subject to this rule. However, their outfits must be coordinated with each other or the men. I'm allowing a certain amount of room for interpretation for this, e.g. I would allow GySgt Rua wear Fine Plate Mail if Capt Haka'aniemi is wearing Exceptional Plate Mail.

I've started on this and am up to level 5. It's working out well so far; I only used consumables in the Raedric fight and it went down pretty easily. Using W to switch weapons in coordinated fashion a lot, and it's quite cool to see the whole group change from arquebuses and arbalests to greatswords for the front line, pikes for the second line. 

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I have a project. It's a tabletop RPG. It's free. It's a work in progress. Find it here: www.brikoleur.com

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Sounds fun. Maybe you will encounter some problems when facing enemies that have ranged disables and damage and are tough - like Lagufaeth and Ogre Druids. These are the meanest enemies for a group that has no fast disables. Of course you can always use a scroll of paralysis then. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Nice job with the party set up, sounds fun. :)


If I ever take the time to properly do this, I'll make a party of martial artists by choosing 6 noncaster classes, give everyone novices suffering and then run around to punch everyone in the face. Only armor I'll take will be the one I can get to 0 speed penalty.

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The ogre druids are slow though: shouldn't be a problem to pull the ogre mobs apart and then clobber them one by one, and run away if it starts going pear-shaped. Did that with my Coordinated Warriors and it wasn't difficult. Nalgren the Wise might be difficult though since there's no space for that. Lagufaeth are going to be harder because they move so much faster. 

(Plus I got a Ring of Unshackling. Yay!)


Undead Raedric could be real trouble though, what with the Dominate-spam. I'm sort of banking on figuring out how to deal with them with consumables, other than SoP spam preferably. Maybe find the right food+potion combo, or food+scroll or whatever, plus summons. Pretty sure it's doable.

I have a project. It's a tabletop RPG. It's free. It's a work in progress. Find it here: www.brikoleur.com

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