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Eder is oblivious to the changes in Raedric castle



I don't know if this problem is a big deal, but I decided to report it nevertheless.



In my current playthrough I am playing with a custom party, so I didn't take Eder (or Aloth) with me.


I killed Raedric and I returned to Gilded Vale.


My reputation with the village is overwhelmingly good, the bodies are removed from the tree and everybody is supposed to know that Kolsc is the new ruler now.


However, Eder still counts the bodies on the tree, thinks he is next to be hanged, looks up at the tree, his eyes trailing one of the swaying bodies and says that Kolsc is on the run now and probably will be until they catch him.


Same problem with Aloth - his gaze strays again to the tree strung with bodies while saying that there is nothing new around here.

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