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Stronghold Issue





I have been playing the game for a couple weeks and have to say it has been enjoyable.


Last night, I went to Raedric's hold and for the first time made some progress.  While i was there, I got news that my stronghold was under facing imminent attack.


After spending an hour or so at Raedric's hold, I decided to deal with the impending attack at my stronghold.  I let the game deal with it automatically.  It cost me 300cp or something.


I then went back to the stronghold to log off.  Before logging off, i decided to check what upgrades are available.  I discovered that my western barbican, my main keep and my bailey were all gone.  I only had the eastern barbican.  Not sure what happened here.  Is it a bug?  I hope this is not what happens if you let the game automatically deal with an attack.


Lost some funds and time....   Is there anything that i can do to 'fix' this?


thank you

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I hope this is not what happens if you let the game automatically deal with an attack.


It is exactly what happens. You can have eight hirelings guard your keep ... and they will not be competent enough to defend against intruders.


Worse, if you travel back to the stronghold with your party to defend the keep yourself manually, some of the guards may be on the battle map and either get caught in friendly fire or get killed easily by the intruders. Afterwards, the guards may be gone even if they had survived the fight.


When you start spending money on your keep upgrades, it's always better to travel back to the keep with your party and defend it yourself ... but be careful. Some groups of intruders later are strong ... so wait long enough with keep upgrades.
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