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[Steam v2.03b] Kaenra missing dialogue





Small bug I noticed that I figured I'd report. After finishing the questline with Kaenra/Purnisc with the "Lie to Kaerna" decision where you inform her Purnisc was impersonated but omit that he's a svef dealer, Kaenra is still sitting at her table. If you click on her after finishing the quest, you get a missing dialogue reference as demonstrated in the screenshot below.




Note that after reloading my game, Kaenra is not at her table anymore and is nowhere to be found, so I could not test if the dialogue bug was still active after a reload.


Hope this helps.



*Ps. I've been dealing with another bug where sometimes after an extended play session my Accept/Cancel buttons on all confirm windows become invisible. They can still be clicked and interacted with, but are invisible otherwise. I however do not have any trigger information other than extended play time, so not much help there.


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