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Stuck at first step of Trials of Durance





My issue is simple, I'm forever stucked at the first step of Trials of Durance, and I'm in Defiance Bay:




I read every post from this thread and several others, also tried the solution proposed by the Dev by replacing the files (making sure I had original backup, of course), but it also didn't work.


About my game, I started it about 2 months ago (so all patches were already applied). I did read every possible Durance dialog, but still "Tell me about Magran", "I want to know about the region", and "Tell me about Ashfall" are always highlight. I don't have dialogs about etchings in Durance staff. Yes, I do sleep using camps very often. And finally, I MAY have seen the vision (I don't remember) back in the day, and I THINK I missed the dialog bubble at the time.


Here's the save file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3s93YpS8hWuZGRMTGdVbHAtWjQ/view?usp=sharing


I would appreciate if you could please solve this problem for me, my OCD drives me crazy with a forever pending quest :p


Thank you in advance!

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Hello Valasty,


In order to progress on Durance's quest, you will have to have him in your party and camp in the wilderness. You will have a vision about Durance's staff which will then prompt more dialogue with him.


After loading your save, it took me 4 camp attempts to finally get the vision. So it looks like just need to get some more camping done :)


Let me know if that is the case.


Thank you for your support!

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Indeed, you're right :)


I thought I had missed it, considering I went so far into the game and exausted the dialogue choices. I'd already used several camping supplies, and also slept in lots of inns.


Anyway, thank you for the help, sorry for the trouble!

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Sorry, but I have to resurrect this thread.

I'm using version 3.01 of the game... and I cannot get the 1st stage of the quest to trigger... no matter how many times (12) I have rested with Durance in the Wilderness.

It looks like the same bug that was there in version 1.03!


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