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Confused about how Resolve works for Paladins?

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It strenghtens your deflection, your will denfense and your concentration. Deflection is good for not being hit - concentration is good IF you get hit: it prevents that you get interrupted, e.g. while you are casting Lay on Hands on yourself or an ally. Will is imporatant if you don't want to get mind controlled or terrified (or whatever affliction targets your will) by enemies. 


If your Paladin is the main character (and only then!) his resolve also influences what answers he can give in conversations with npcs. Some answers you can only choose if your resolve is high enough - some others if your perception or your intelligence or might is high enough. There are lots of cases in which resolve matters in conversations. It opens up other paths through the dialogue tree.


That's all I think. This hasn't anything to do with paladins though. It all apllies to every class. There's nothing special about the realtionship between paladins and resolve. However - from a roleplaying perspective one might think that paladins should have high resolve.

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When rolling up a paladin, Resolve is given a big ol' star next to it in chargen, as if the game's screaming at you, "THIS IS IMPORTANT!" Generally those big stars are great for when you are new to the game, or to a class, but if you're familiar enough with the stats and the general build or feel you're going for, you'll know what's really important. Resolve is great for frontline paladins (harder to hit, avoid being interrupted when casting in melee range), but a little less so if you're doing a weird ranged paladin build.


A note about PoE's attribute setup, though: unless you're doing a weird build, you don't really want to dump anything. All the stats are important for all the classes. Just, some more than others.


In my own paladin-related experience, I cranked up my Resolve an absurd amount, because Resolve is one of the biggest dialogue-option-unlockers and I wanted to talk my way out of everything.



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