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I find the censorship policy on this forum baffling

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A post I made in another thread was deleted without any explanation or motivation brought up, by an unknown moderator. The post was made in jest and its contents was:


Words of this thread: "Australia", "Murderhobo"

Apparently someone considered this to be such a serious offense, that my post was duly deleted.


You can see it's not the most important post in history, not even remotely important. This makes it all the more strange to see such zealousness in censoring a meaningless post where someone made a joke.


The second reason this leaves a bad impression is that whenever I see forums' content censored, for me this comes across as considering your forum members too stupid to tell troll bait, or too immature to see curse words or phrases. My conviction is that the logic should be the opposite - allow the stupid people who occasionally arrive at your forum to easily find their way out, instead of accommodating them by establishing censoring policies, and treating everyone as immature and unable to bear responsibility for his words by default.


I give this moderator a chance to iron out his mistake by explaining here what provoked him to delete my post in the other thread. Like I said, the post itself is irrelevant. It's the manner and the degree of "moderation" which bothers me here.

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If you have an issue with the moderation, PM us, and the moderator in question - or, if you like, any other moderator(s) - will look again, think again, and respond the best we can. We don't hold debates about it in public, because it's impossible for everyone to agree (or we wouldn't need any mods) and it devolves into a mess.


In this case, we'll PM you.

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