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Breaking News! Pillars 2 has been announced!

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Breaking news. This has just been announced by obsidian. Pillars 2 has been confirmed!


The plot shall involve the protagonist misfiring a blunderbuss and blowing his face off. In the search for a new face he unfortunately encounters another biawac machine that starts spinning and doesn't steal his soul this time but instead takes his balls.


With his face blown off and no balls he comes to the realisation he is totally screwed. Fortunately he finds a dwarf woman hanging from a tree that tells him he must seek out another face and a new set off balls. Not content with his old set of balls the protagonist asks the dwarf woman who has the biggest set of balls in dry wood. She tells him that an cannoneer ogre from the white march called thaosis has the biggest balls she has ever seen.


With his compass set the protagonist sets of on an epic journey to recover his manhood.


Pillars of eternity 2: The man with no face and no balls.

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