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Devotions for the Faithful, Strange Behaviour



I don't completely understand what is happening, but Devotions for the Faithful seems to apply itself multiple times on cast if there's multiple enemies in the area of effect, though the multiple active DftF bonuses don't stack it severely lags the game.


To replicate: Start a new game with a priest, give yourself xp and level up, start a fight, and cast devotions for the faithful so it hits as many people as possible.


Screenshots are from just one casting of Devotions for the Faithful.



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Have reinstalled and verified.


Savegame where it happens for me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ee3bd65mtsnwrt/489b69f86b584ae8a591e429c0b9bf73%207664341%20Encampment.savegame?dl=0


Also here's a shadowplay recording to prove I'm not insane: https://youtu.be/C1CcibpGOgw?t=25

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