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Wrong Perception displayed upon character creation



At Gilded Vale inn, wanted to create a Moon Godlike Priest of Eothas, and the Attributes started at


Mig 10

Con 10

Dex 11 (+1)

Per 11   <---- ???

Int 11 (+1)

Res 10


with 15 points left.


The two +1 are for Godlike, of course. But Perception 11 is wrong, and if hovering the mouse pointer over it, the description box at the right side of the screen says "Perception 10".



It is corrected everywhere as soon as I choose a culture.



The previous adventurer I had created was from The White that Wends (+1 Perception), so it appears that the game remembered that choice but didn't display it anywhere ... but added that bonus to the Attributes table without any hint.





Creation of a new adventurer should start with a cultural bonus reset to zero ... as everything else is highly misleading. Alternatively, keep the previous bonus and mark it as such in the box at the right.



Indeed, creating even another adventurer afterwards, it also starts with a stray +1 in the Attributes selection table without marking it as an explained bonus anywhere.

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