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[2.03] Human Skeleton bestiary entry (unique?)



Hey Aarik,


Besitary question for you: there are several types of skeleton enemies (i.e. aumaua, elf, orlan), however only human skeletons get a bestiary entry. Are there supposed to be others or is the existing entry mis-labelled as something specific when it should be generic?


Super minor, but thought I would ask.

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Just here to add that for me the bug might be manifesting in a slightly different way:

  1. Indeed, only Human Skeleton gets a bestiary entry; none for Orlan, Dwarf, etc.
  2. No bestiary entry for Revenant. Not sure if it's supposed to be under Skeleton or not.
  3. No experience for Revenant. Or at least, not when I checked after killing those in the hallway leading to the holding cells. How many revenants are required to complete their bestiary entry? Perhaps I killed enough in the watery area where you first encounter them to fill it, so I actually did receive xp for them when I should have.
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Another "me too" here.  I just reached 100% bestiary progress for Revenants, so I went to the bestiary to look them up.  Couldn't find them anywhere.  However, clicking on the line in the log that reported the progress, I do get a bestiary page to come up.


The picture shown is of a skeleton, but the text mentions: "Revenants are undead that have devolved beyond even the relative intelligence of a gul."  And they are drawn in the game with some amount of flesh on them...  So I'm guessing that maybe Revenants have been cross-listed into two different categories, part Skeleton, part Gul, and that gets the Bestiary confused?

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