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FPS issues



I've written about my problem with fps while playing expansion in this thread:



After almost two months I came back to PoE to see if something got better. Unfortunately the game is still running at like 10-20 fps. As I said before I have latest drivers installed and I have tried every step from framerate issues section here: 



Again I am posting my dxdiag file, save files and output log (link to dropbox):



Will this be fix or is there anything I can do with this issue? The second part of White March is coming in january and right now I regret buying season pass.

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Hello Termit,


I took a look at your output log and I notice you were still  on version 2.02.0721. Please update your game to 2.03.0788 and see if that helps your performance. Also please verify your game cache in steam. 


Do you have a ton of save files stored? Reducing the number of saves may also reduce the loading times. 


Thank you for your support. 

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Hey Termit,


I notice there is a new driver update for your graphics card, try updating your graphics card and see if that helps. Also If you go into the menu settings > Graphics > Frame Rate Max. Adjust the slider all the way to the right to set it to Max. If that doesn't help, try setting it to various frame rates and see if those works. 



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