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Does Kalakoth's Minor Blights have friendly fire?

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The description says it damages anyone "caught in the area of effect," but it gives no range on this AoE. I've been googling and can't find anyone mentioning friendly fire, only how great the spell is and that it works with some talents to make it crazy OP.

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Not so crazy OP if you ask me, but pretty solid if you want to spare spells or to get a lot of dps out of a single spell. After lvl 9 its usefulness drops. And no friendly fire. Only foes get hit. Like the blast from implements (if you took that talent which is a must with K. M. Blights).

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I second what Boeroer wrote.


I also recommend that you use the console to add experience and level up, then aggro a bar room of civilians to test it with your party. Once you are done with your test, you reload.


You can optimize a lot of your builds, especially the wizard, using that, without spending stuff on the wrong spells.


The spell in question has long duration and high aoe damage, with good accuracy. So when combined with attack speed buffs, the wizard can become a ranged aoe dps character. Some wand talents as well, like blast dr penetration.

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