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A request for Obsidian: Kotor 3


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To begin Hello,

I'm a french fan, for me you are the best studio of video games and I am sure that a lot of people want to have a Kotor 3. I wish that Chris Avelonne come back to direct this game :(( !! Please are you trying to have the rights of Star Wars ? Do you want to make it ? Even it's the same graphics I don't care, event it's a kickstarter. I just want it and make by YOU, masters of rpg.


Please answer me, just want to know  the end of the Exile and Revan. 


Thank's a lot, Louis.


NB: Excuse me for my bad english...

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Sorry man, not going to happen. The Old Republic is still a thing and it finished the stories (poorly), and other than The Old Republic, all further Star Wars media will ignore the Expanded Universe stuff that KOTOR takes place in and is based on. Chris Avellone is no longer at Obsidian. It's not in the cards.


The best we can hope for is that Disney contracts Obsidian for another, unrelated Star Wars RPG but even that seems unlikely - Disney has another company under contract for all upcoming Star Wars games until further notice. :(

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