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[2.03] Some (minor) bugs



I was in the middle of the game -- both PoE 2.02 and WH1 2.02 installed -- when I decided to patch it to 2.03. Just in case patcher bugs something up (like report wrong version which happened to me in the past), I simply re-downloaded full PoE 2.03 and full WM1 2.03, de-installed the current game and installed new one. Everything went well and reported version is now 2.03. However... as soon as I loaded the last save, I noticed few broken and few weird things:

- Mail coif helmet doesn't show up on female characters anymore. On male characters it works fine. Any other type of helmet that I tried seems to work fine on females too, just mail coif for some reason is broken. Azalin's Helmet broken too.

- Quests are not tracked any more. Before this new patch, any time when I would receive that journal was updated, when I opened it, it would bring me to the page of that latest quest which was updated. Now it opens always on the blank page after this message and I have manually to navigate to the quest to see that update.

- Some secrets can suddenly be highlighted even if those are not yet uncovered. Basically I see purple haze at the spot where secret is, when I highlight objects on the screen, but I cannot interact with that purple haze until secret is properly uncovered first. Is this... some new intentional behavior??

- Message about stash availability is inverted. When I am in area where I can access stash at my leisure, I receive message "Stash can only be accessed after rest" (although I can access it just fine) and when I am in area where I can access stash only during the rest, I receive message "Stash can be accessed now" (which I can't so I guess it's fine except messages are wrong).

I haven't yet visited White Marches (although its already available to my character), so all this experience of mine is related to the main campaign.

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Hello Stef,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us! Thanks for pointing these issues out to use. In the future, please make sure that you make a post for each bug in question. It helps us track these bugs in a more organized matter. Also please, please use the search function on the forums before posting bug to ensure someone has already addressed the issue.


I have written up a bug for the mail coif not showing up on female characters and added it to our database.


For your quests not being tracked anymore. Please go into your game options and under difficulty, make sure that Detailed Quest Updates is checked. 


We are aware of the hidden objects being revealed incorrectly and about the stash.


Thank you for your support and have a great evening!

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