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Sounds like something you may want to take up to GoG support; I'm not sure there's much Obsidian can do about it.


GoG's support are generally helpful. If you explain the situation, they may agree to refunding your purchase so you can go and buy the expansion on Steam.

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I'm not even sure why a online shop like GOG would let you buy DLC for a game you don't own. Steam certainly doesn't let you buy DLC for Steam games you don't own and haven't allowed you to do so for many years now.

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OT: What GOG does seems absolutely normal to me. You can buy accessories for everything everywhere without having to prove that you own the thing they are meant for. Steam probably doesn’t allow it because it wouldn’t make much sense with the way their DRM works. That’s more a special thing about Steam than anything else.

Except that Pillars on Steam has no DRM... ;)  None, nada.  I can't be certain of this, of course, but it seems like a GOG-purchased expansion for the Steam game would work fine, because the Steam version is just like the GOG version--Steam doesn't have to be running at all to play the game.  Got two recent games through Steam that are like that, Pillars and Witcher 3.  On Steam it's the developer who calls the shots on DRM...if the developers say, "No DRM" then even the Steam game has no drm associated with it.  It's funny...I've got ~100 hours in Pillars so far, but my Steam account says I have 8 hours in the game... ;)  I've actually launched the game very few times from within Steam--usually I simply run the executable as I'd run any GOG game. 


The *only* thing Steam has over GOG atm is a superior patching apparatus--GOG doesn't allow developer access to their games that are on GOG.  Developer sends GOG patch and then GOG puts said patch in game Libraries of GOG customers who own it.  Takes a day or two longer than Steam, usually.


However, the flip side is generally that Steam patches tend to be much larger than GOG patches, usually.  Or at least it seems that way.  Large patches are no problem for me, but people with metered connections (poor souls) or data caps might look at it much differently.


EDIT: Almost forgot to again say "Thank You!" one more time to Obsidian for doing that with your Steam release of Pillars!

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