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Various Bugs as of 11/1



- Confirmation dialog box buttons are hidden behind dialog box.  For example, the buttons to accept or cancel in a dialog box.

- Keyword popover boxes dont show up sometimes, was previously working now it sometimes works.  For example, the keyword for Dexterity would normally popup a description for that keyword.  Sometimes that description doesnt show up.

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Welcome to the forum, cosmogama! Thanks for taking the time to post about things you've encountered. I've moved your thread to the tech support forum where Obsidz support folks are more likely to see it.

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Hello everyone,


Hope you all had a good weekend and thanks for pointing this out to us. Fortunately, we are aware of the confirmation box and are currently looking into the issue. As for the keyword pop up not displaying all the time, what resolution are you running the game in? Also, are you playing in fullscreen mode or windowed? 


Thank you for your support. 

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