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Update from 2.01 -> 2.03 (Gog)



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OK. I backed up everything, and then uninstalled 2.01, but kept the save games, and then installed the 2.03 version downloaded from GoG (around 6GB). It seems to be working fine, but I really haven't tried much, and did not check every detail before and after for comaprison. If I spot any unfortunateness, I'll detail it in the forums somewhere.


Thanks BigJ, for the support and the offer.


In my opinion, it's a minor disappoinment that GoG did not retain the 2.01->2.02 patch when they upgraded the install to 2.03, as that would have been simpler to download and apply, but that is really a small quibble in the larger picture.

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I was on v2.01 too so uninstalled and installed the full v2.03 installer. I was having crashes on start (now fixed) with v.2.02 & v2.03 so uninstalled,installed and patched different versions without affecting my saves. Generally once you make a save in a new verion you then can't load that save if you go back to an older version.

​Just be on the safe side you could make a copy of the save game directory. On Windows 7 it is

​C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity

​Edit: Just had a look and I've still got the 2.01-2.02 patch files, including the expansion. I could send you the files assuming you trust me not to send anything nasty.

​patch_pillars_of_eternity_the_white_march_part_1_2.1.0.11.exe 202 MB (2.01-2.02)

​patch_pillars_of_eternity_2.5.0.11.exe 106 MB (2.01-2.02)

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