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Crash on start - firewall blocking connections



Edit2: Changed title to better reflect that the problem doesn't appear to be directly due to having GoG Galaxy installed.


I'm posting this on the off chance it helps someone else.


I've finally figured out why v2.02 and v2.03 of the game kept crashing on startup. As PoE is a single player offline game I blocked the executable from making any network connections, including local ones. Becasue I had GoG Galaxy installed (just to see what it was; wasn't using it and no intention to start) the game detected the Galaxy Communication service, started it up and tried to connect. After repeated failed connection attempts it keeled over with a vague system error "Pillars of Eternity has stopped working" (see attached).

​Uninstalling Galaxy unfortunately leaves the service behind so it continued to cause grief. So after removing the "forgotten" services I can get to game main menu again post v2.01 :)

​Edit: As a bare minimum, outbound loopback/ connections must be allowed or the game will kill itself still. So probably not strictly a Galaxy problem.


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