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[2.02] A Farmer's Plight not completable (PX1 related)



If you agree to a truce with Matron Beregan in PX1 before you pick up A Farmer's Plight in Dyrford, that quest becomes uncompletable.

As soon as you step into the Ogre Cave and walk forwards a bit, the quest updates to tell you to return to Rumbald, but you have no new dialogue options there.

Talking to the Ogre also just has a one-liner popping above its head.

No cutscene entering the Ogre's lair either.


The only way you could still complete this is by attacking the friendly ogre and looting the head I suppose.


Save from way after the fact attached, so unlikely to be of much use, but hey


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Hi there  Aarik D,


never set foot into White March (its installed of course) I just picked up the quest, I did however visit the Cave where the Ogre resides prior to picking up the quest. But as there was no dialog options available I left the ogre in peace, he is not hostile anyway.


Sorry for the late reply.

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Same bug.  Played part of White March but did not enter the Ogre Cave in Russetwood.  Standing in front of Korgrak now and can't initiate dialog.  Farmer in Dyrford convo option has a line (paraphrasing) " I took care of your problem but don't have his (ogre's) head."  I have attached the journal entry, if that helps:



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Don't know about the other user above, but as stated in my instance, I had completed part of WM1 before even setting foot into Dyrford and that caused it to bug

Do you recall if you spoke to any of the villagers that would update the addendum? 


Not as far as I am aware. I had finished part of PX1, then went to Dyrford, did the quest regarding the fugitive rogue first, then did most of the Skaen quest (up until before actually meeting the niece), then talked to the pig farmer and went directly to the cave from there. had the quest update twice on taking a few steps into the cave and on entering the ogre section there was a short cutscene but nothing happening it, then walked up to ogre and he said something about we being in agreement

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I have the same problem. client version 3.05.1186 PX1 PX2 -steam

When I walk into the cave, the mission will automatically update and recommends and orders return to Rumbald. Korgrak only says: "We have an agreement." I don't even start WM.

At the beginning this quest I talked to Rumbald, later Dengler and Trygil. Any solution? In this moment the only solution to ending this mission is to kill the ogre. Maybe there are some cheats for this mission?

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Hi Aarik,


Thanks for taking the time to follow this. Got hit by the bug too (and I though I did something wrong!). Here's my story:


  • finished WMI and made peace with the Ogre Matron before ever setting foot in Dyrford, just after going through the Temple of Woedica
  • went back to Defiance Bay and proceeded with the main quest up to th end of The Man Who Waits
  • took a detour to Caed Nua and finished the Endless Paths, ending Desperate Measures amicably
  • finished Act II
  • went to Dyrford Crossing (still not having explored Dyrford proper nor talked to Rumbald or Trygil) and talked to the ogre; can't remeber what I said, but we parted on good terms
  • after some more exploring, finally got to Dyrford and talked to Rumbald just to get stuck in this bug (not being able to talk to the ogre again and Rumbald not seeing reason or believing my lie that I've slain the ogre)


Client version 3.05.1186 PX1 PX2-steam with WM1 & 2.


I don't have a save prior to entering the crossing, sadly but, for what it's worth, here's my current one: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B771-HyDPTExX2Y0UnZ1b2pkX1E



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