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Likely stupid question about WM pt1

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Hi there,


So despite buying PoE in March and having a small fumble with her in early April I only just started seriously playing the game yesterday. I really like it so figured I would grab the first expansion. In the description it says it makes changes to the game. 

I just wondered seeing as how I am not far into the game, (pretty much still in the Gilded Vale having only done a few quests) is it worth me starting afresh? Are there any significant changes? Do I need to make a new character (at level 4 now) to make use of these multi class talents?


My gaming instincts tell me this is a stupid question and that of course this early into the game there will be little to no changes, but as I won't be playing again until tomorrow I have time to ask just to make sure anyway.


I appreciate any info on this, 



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Here's what I would say, if you're one of the players who really likes to tinker with builds for a bit before you get into a serious run, I'd just start over again. You're so close to the beginning, it won't take long to get to where you were.


If you're one of those players who just wants to dive in and have fun, don't worry about starting over again. You're so close to the beginning that your character will have plenty of time to catch up on talents and the game is forgiving enough that there's no decision at level 4 that's really hamstringing you.


There will be patches and the design team, for good or ill, is constantly balancing things. In that regard, while the xpac makes a larger differences, you've still got patches coming and whatnot.


For my part, I think tinkering is good for the devs. They're clearly listening to the community and trying to improve the game. It's a new engine, so they have room to make some great overhauls and that will serve PoE2 well if they decide to make it. So, if they're constantly tinkering, you can wonder whether you should have done things differently after each patch. Don't let yourself get sucked into that. As long as your character is viable, keep playing, advancing the story, and having fun.


Just my personal opinion, of course. Welcome to the board, Greg!


EDIT: Yeah yeah, it's not a new engine, but the system is new and I think they're trying to straighten out some of the mechanics a bit better. That and Sawyer said they're trying to make the way the mechanics work a little more transparent to people with impaired mental acumen, such as myself.

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