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Frame rate sudden drop



Hello PoE community!


I am having a very annoying issue.


Every 20-30 seconds my frame rate will drop to 47-50 from 60. It will only do this for 1 second and then go back up to 60.


Other than that it is usually at 60 the whole time. 


I have vertical sync on so that whenever it does this I get noticeable stutter.


This completely brings me out of the game and will bug me after a while.


My PC Spec:


i5 2500k

Nvidia 980 GTX


SSD drives

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Hello frank_jerry,


Welcome to the forums! We are constantly trying to improve the optimization of the game, so please bare with us. I would suggest going into the menus and turn the quality slider all the way to the left and see if that improves your performance. Check to see if you have any other programs running in the background as well. 


Thank you for your feedback and support.

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