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  1. Isn't 400mb a bit big for an output file? I would struggle to open this without special software. I wonder if writing to this huge text file is an issue?
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I have done all of the above and still have issues. I have attached my DxDiag file. Please remove it if there is anything sensitive in there. My steam output log for POE2 is 400mb+, I can share this by email if you need. Cheers. DxDiag.txt
  3. Hello, I am really enjoying the game so far but I am having an issue where I get frequent freezing for a second at a time. The freeze feels like something is loading from the SSD. A similar effect to when you quick save. This mostly happens during combat and it really brings me out of the immersion. The sound does not cut out but everything else freezes for a second. I already fixed a similar issue where I would get constant stuttering outside of combat every 30 seconds to a minute. This was fixed by following the steps from a guide to fix NVIDIA issues that was linked from this forum: In game vertical sync off, in game AA off, triple buffering on etc. I actually had a similar issue with the first game, so it could be the engine? I don't have any issues with any other game at the moment. I played the previous game on a different machine except for the SSD, could be SSD/Hard drive related? Thank you. Specs Intel i5 7600k Nvidia 1080 gtx 16gb RAM DDR 4 2400 ghz Samsung SSD setup with intel RST
  4. Ah ok, I can't return to Vilario rest. But I can return to port Majae. Thanks for the patience!
  5. Sorry for the stupid question but I can't seem to go back onto land. It says I do not have enough resources or crew to manage my boat but I am in the water. I want to go back into the town to buy more crew or whatever. I have just finished the quest where you meet Aloth and the game tells me to set sail and go to another island. I have no way to get back onto land from my boat. Shouldn't there be an anchor? https://i.imgur.com/6Qn6mwW.jpg
  6. I will try without using steam. I do not use fraps. Is this a common issue that the steam overlay causes? I use fullscreen.
  7. Hi, I made a post here previously about a strange issue where the game kept freezing for a second every 30 seconds or so. I decided to revisit the game and for the most part the game runs fine. However I am getting a few performance issues. Firstly the game will have a 0.5 second freeze when a NPC starts talking (Text above them in a city or the keep). Also this freezing issue can happen when something loads in. When my chanter summons skeletons the frame rate will drop. In Defiance Bay after entering the city, the frame rate drops down very low where all of the civilians are talking near the south gate entrance. I love the game by the way. I just would like to know if I can make changes to make the gameplay more smooth, or if these are known issues. Small things like this can draw me out of the game. Thank you My PC Spec: i5 2500k Nvidia 980 GTX 16 GB RAM SSD drives
  8. Thanks for the quick reply Aarik. I have tried lowering the graphics settings but I still get these frame rate spikes. This surely shouldn't be an issue with my system. I have tried all of the other suggestions in the stickied post.
  9. Hello PoE community! I am having a very annoying issue. Every 20-30 seconds my frame rate will drop to 47-50 from 60. It will only do this for 1 second and then go back up to 60. Other than that it is usually at 60 the whole time. I have vertical sync on so that whenever it does this I get noticeable stutter. This completely brings me out of the game and will bug me after a while. My PC Spec: i5 2500k Nvidia 980 GTX 16 GB RAM SSD drives
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