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Overlapping endurance numbers on portraits



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Actually, I've figured out how to reproduce this glitch. It happens if you replace Sagani (ranger with a pet) with someone who has low endurance, in this case Pallegina.


If a character has more endurance, it starts to regenerate when you get them into the party, which might be another glitch, but it hides this bug. Simply dismissing Sagani from a group also triggers the glitch for anyone who takes her place.


There should be more ways to trigger it, because I remember seeing it earlier with Durance, before I had to dismiss anyone.


While playing with this, I've also noticed that dismissing Kana and getting him back adds a chant onto his panel every time.



Save: http://rghost.net/7BlgGWGqn

Log: http://rghost.net/7KY6rrq7D

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