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Purple vision mist keeps on appearing after you've had a Watcher vision somewhere



I can't believe nobody has reported this. I guess that's because it's so harmlessly cosmetic, and also because it's hard to believe Obsidian aren't aware of it. And yet...


When the Watcher has a vision of somebody, that somebody appears in a burst of purple mist. After that, when you leave the area, come back and approach the location where you had the vision, you can spot the purple mist appear again in the same place. This happens in multiple locations throughout the game, possibly with all visions.


EDIT: Whoops, I can't reproduce this anymore in the places I remember seeing it. I guess you guys fixed this!

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Actually I've been getting that effect all game long. It's barely noticeable but it is most definitely present in my GOG 2.02 playhrough. Places that I can distinctly remember getting the Deja Vu purple poof were in Oldsong after talking to the two Dryad sisters; after walking over the bridge in Elm's Shore, and many other places. However this is a very subtle thing and I don't personally think it's worth Obsidian's time looking after.

I wish they'd optimize the game code instead of adding more balance passes. They can continue to optimize the MobileObjects.save file cleaning/reduction with each patch, as it still collects tons of garbage as its size increases making end-game saves horribly slow.

They could also tweak selection circles further and optimize them since they're the biggest drain on performance right now. For reference merely go into any highly populated area and watch your frame-rate fluctuate as you enable/disable selection circles on NPC's. My favorite place to do that and watch the frame-rate dip is inside the Celestial Sapling Inn in Elm's Reach. There are about 20 NPC's crammed inisde the INN and if you stand in the middle of the screen and disable/enable selection circles (for all, not just your party) you can see the framerate die as soon as they're turned on.

Another thing they could do is tweak the visual FX for spells which not only obscure ****ing everything during battle but also murder the frame-rate. This is not something that would be impossible; it's entirely possible since this is just texture crap.

They could also introduce a slider for the LOD Bias (Level of Detail) and allow users on 32-bit machines with 4 GB of RAM to utilize a positive modifier on the LOD, which blurs textures and reduces the game's memory consumption by more than half. This also shortens loading times by half. Currently I do this using RadeonPro, and with the LOD Bias set at "0" (or in nVidia terms, "Clamped"), my OSD reports that 400-500 MB's of Video RAM are being utilized in Russetwoods to the west of Stalwart Village.

If I set the LOD Bias to a positive modifier of +1.0-1.5, this very noticeably blurs the textures but allows the same scene to run with only 150-200 MB's of Video RAM, and almost halves loading times.

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