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Active vs Passive Balance

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One thing I would have liked to see in pillars (holding out hope for POE2) is an option for each class to be more active or passive ability oriented based on class talent selection. I feel like class talents were a missed opportunity and could have been cooler if they changed a classes basic function one way or the other.

Like for the chanter your passive build would be what it is now where you build up for powerful summons but then have talents that changes how chants function to make it more active oriented. So the active version would be that each chant has two active abilities that you can utilize if you have that chant equipped. So essentially a grouping of 3 chants would give you six active abilities that can be used anytime. However when you use one of the two actives the corresponding chant goes into cooldown similar to the way it works now. So essentially chants no longer buff and build toward a single big evocation but but grant you two active abilities for each chant in your song with a max of 3 chants. I know it seems complicated but just an idea to make each class as passive or active as you want it to be.

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