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Music outside of The Gref's Rest in Stalwart Village (White March)

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This music is sooo sweet, shapes the ambience just fine, sometimes I just stand there for minutes, listening it.


I have music completely turned off in game (I do so in most games because it distracts me) but this composition broke through somehow and won my heart.


Can I get this track somewhere? Can someone kindly point me to it? I'd be grateful.

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Thank you very much, yes I found it, it is track between 6:30 - 7:50.


After some digging up I found this music in my game folder. Its name: px1 mus inn c filtered. Turns out the composition that won my heart so much was filtered version of The Gref's Rest music, but nonfiltered is even more beautiful. It's in .ogg format but converting wouldn't be a problem.


I have what I wanted, now maybe this info and video above, provoded kindly by Sylvus_Moonbow will help someone else in search of tracks.

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