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Newb here, make classes for Tanking and healing?

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Go for paladin for dual tank/healer. Dual use. Stat is 15 might at least.


Other healers are priest>druid>cipher


Almost any class can tank if they have weapon/shield talent, defensive talents, and full plate. Their health pool limits how long they can tank however. So generally people go with the martial classes for tanking. Fighters, paladins, rangers, monks. Chanters too. Wizards sometimes.


15 might, 15 per for those classes, strikes a relatively good balance. The stat that has the least effect for long range attackers and healers is resolve. Assuming you aren't getting hit. If you are getting hit, then a high resolve might save whomever you are trying to heal.

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Fighters, monks, chanters, and paladins are the really low-maintenance tanks. Ranger companions aren't exactly tough, but they can hold down an enemy or two when it comes to that. Wizard can tank like a beast, but it takes a ton of micro, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you're up to that.


As for healing, nothing beats a priest. The class has really phenomenal utility once its level 2 spells start to come in. Paladin and druid do have access to some healing, though, and you can certainly get through the game without a priest.


Chanter's Ancient Memory looks like healing and quacks like healing, but it's not worth a damn (and isn't anybody's mother). Moon Godlike, on the other hand, is a great source of passive staying power in any party - especially in an off-tank role, where it should take damage at just the right pace to trigger its AoE heal when you need it most.

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