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::Spoilers:: What happend to....

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As far as I have seen, there is absolutely no way to contact Ethelmoer once the Sanitarium goes through the 'event' at the end of the Defiance Bay story arch, but he's stone, right? A soul within a stone, and judging by the lack of damage, he may have actually survived. After the 'event that will not be named' you can go back to Defiance Bay and see the damage done to the building -- a collapsed roof and some minor burn damage (the garden in the yard is unaffected) -- so judging by that, couldn't he still be there?


None of the characters standing around outside ever mention him -- even the quest-giver (depending on how you end her quest) just stands there and acts like nothing happened. It's established that some Animancers survived the event, but from what I've seen in my travels, no one ever gives you the option of trying to contact him.


Is it is a loose end? Is there any way to find out if he's still inside?

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