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Should I skip Sagani in 2.02 due to bugs?

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What do you mean by 'skipping' here? Like not have her join at all or just not add her to party?


The bugged talents like Graceful Retreat seems to affect all rangers not just Sagani (I tested it). But they don't render rangers completely unplayable.


There's another bug that just having her on the roster at all may cause your save to corrupt. She will disappear along with the all the gear you have on her. Not known what causes it. Doesn't even seem to make a difference if she's in party at all. Just make you check often at the inn and rollback to the nearest save where you know she's there, and don't put any gear on her if you leave her at the inn. When corruption happens you may find her standing in an inn naked.

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Granted, I don't use Sagani much in any case and I don't look at stats in general, but I never noticed anything strange or gamebreaking with Sagani. I could finish her quest just fine and while she was in my party, she had quite a few high level kills to show for her efforts.

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