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Crashing constantly since 2.02





So, ever since 2.02 I've been having issues with the game crashing on a fairly regular basis.  This happens consistently when creafting a new character or when leveling up a character, though it'll crash as well in combat or just during conversation with NPCs.  I went through an 85 hour playthrough from beginning to end in 2.01 with absolutely no crashes or hitches.


Basically what happens is the game will show a bunch of brightly colored dots around the screen right before completely freezing and locking up the computer.  At this point I'm forced to hard reset the computer, and Windows will not boot this first time, but instead show a BSOD referencing Nvlddmkm.


This doesn't happen for any other game I play currently (Wasteland 2, Hearthstone), and in fact didn't even start in this game until patch 2.02.  I have the latest Nvidia drivers, have verified the integrity of the game cache via steam multiple times, and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, to no success.   I've dusted out the computer, as well as monitor the temps of my GPU and CPU via CPUID HWMonitor (temps are fine while in game).  Also, no, I'm not running EVGA Precision X.  What's going on here?


Windows 7 64 bit

Core i-5 3570k

16GB Ram

Nvidia GTX 780




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Okay I believe I've resolved the issue.  I rolled back the drivers to an earlier driver from May, as well as slightly decreased the core clock on my GPU (had overclocked it a fair amount).  Everything seems stable and no crashes after several play periods.  Just odd that it didn't start acting up until 2.02. 

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I don't have quite the same crashes as mentioned by others on my GoG version. Mine crashes on start up after 3-5secs where I get an icon in the taskbar, blank screen then it dies. The dialog box gave a none descript message which I stupidly failed to note.


This occurs with a fresh manual install of 2.02 and also a GoG Galaxy update of a manual install of 2.01 to 2.02. I've attached the two output_log files.


I don't have the game installed right now but I can reinstall if required.


Edit: No mods installed

Edit2: attached DxDiag output



Windows7 Pro SP1 x64

AMD 7790 with latest v15.7.1 drivers

Intel i7-4770

16MB memory

Game not installed in default directory




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