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Renaming non-unique weapons and armor?

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As my own experience, I believe that if you change the name of one item in the string, you change it for the entire pack. I mean, if you go to the string and change "sword" for "spear" every basic sword in the game will be renamed by spear. The only way would be to create a new unique item, I repeat, in my opinion.


And this is out the game. In game there is no way.

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Not possible. I know what you mean though. If would be nice to add the fire damage and then rename your weapon Flaming Cleaver of Justice or something.


The enchanting system is still pretty basic. I hope they do more with it and add naming in PoE2.


Indeed ... well maybe next game :)

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word... I think a lot of the stuff that we think of(they probably thought of it too, well maybe, lol) could have a chance of being implemented in the next game. PoE is a solid starting platform, the next game could have all the little quirks we desire.

I mean, it's gotta move forward. The next one should be something really special (not saying PoE isn't special though, it's a very special game in that it brought back IE alone)

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