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Weapon Accuracies are bugged



Weapon Accuracies are bugged in the game


This is a terrible development because you cannot reliably beat the game if your accuracy does not work.


My character was carrying a Fine Pollaxe (Accuracy +4) when decided to respec. I noticed a high accuracy score and decided to check by unequipping the weapon and replacing with a regular one. I then discovered there was no difference between the regular and enhanced weapon accuracy values on my character sheet. This issue repeated itself on all the rest of my party.



I don't see how anyone can play PoE with bugged weapon accuracies. Game breaking stuff like this cannot wait for the next patch cycle. It needs to be fixed right away



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I've only been active on here for a week or two but I feel like I see this reported every single day.  It's been explained as a display bug over and over again.  Is this something different?


That being said, I really wish they would get the numbers displaying properly because as of now the display isn't worth a damn.

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2.02 fixes this.

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