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Nature's Bounty causes insane Might/Perception levels



Whenever my party members consume the generated items from the druid spell Nature's Bounty, things get completely out of hand after a short time.


Basically, it appears that the Might/Perception bonus *keep applying*, so eventually my characters have Might and Perception at insane levels (I had a 77 Might with one guy).  It inadvertently turned Concelhaut into a joke when I had so much perception and might on my cipher that one tick of Ectopsychic Echo crit for hundreds of damage!


I'm not on my computer right now, but I can easily provide a screenshot and a save when necessary.


Notably, the buffed Might/Perception *do not go away* at the end of a fight. The only way to recover my normal stats is to save and then reload that save.

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Already reported


What version of the game are you playing?


2.02 should have fixed these.

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